Humanistic Paganism


“What Naturalism Means to Me” by Mark Green

Naturalism is the spirituality of the real. A celebration of this world, this cosmos, this humanity, this biosphere.

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“Getting to Naturalism the Long Way Around” by Christopher Stanley

Naturalism is a perspective that seeks to correct that error of interpretation. It seeks to pull away the countless layers of separatist story we began cultivating some ten thousand years ago along with our first crops. It seeks to restore a conscious experience of our sentient relationship with the world. And in doing so, also return us to a lived awareness of the true beauty, mystery, and sacredness of the world that is our birthright.

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What Does “Naturalism” Mean to You?

With the new year, we are starting a new series called, “What Naturalism Means to Me”. It is an opportunity for our readers, like you, to share what Naturalism means for you.

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Naturalistic Animism: Seeing the Trees for the Ents

It takes an artist’s eyes—or a lover’s—to really see. It takes a willingness to get our hands dirty, to get up close and personal with messy nature, and to use all of our senses. But most of all, it requires a willingness to be open to receiving, as well as perceiving—an openness to being “touched back” when we touch nature.

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“Four strategies for naturalizing religion” by David Chapman

David Chapman discusses four strategies by which religion can be naturalized. He uses Buddhism as an example, but his discussion applies well to any religion. As you read, think about which strategies, or combination of strategies, Humanistic and Naturalistic Pagans…

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