Humanistic Paganism


What is spiritual experience like for you?

Thing on Thursday #6 This week we come to the spiritual experience itself. “Spiritual” may not even be the best word for it necessarily, but it is that unique experience or range of experiences encountered in moments of transcendence or…

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Do we owe gratitude to the universe? by Jonathan Blake

image: Allegory of Fortune, by Anonymous The universe can be a scary place, as terrible as it is beautiful.  So is it right to express gratitude toward it?  Jonathan Blake challenges us to rethink how we relate to the cosmos….

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What does responsible action mean to you?

Thing on Thursday #5 Recently, a commenter posted: “I would like to see responsible action more defined, but could see that as something that would be refined over time by further posts from the community.” So let’s take that issue…

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Encounters with the Goddess? by Thomas Schenk

image by Steven Kenny, used with permission When Thomas shared this story in the comments section of Halstead’s article Re-godding the archetypes, it was intended to portray one man’s experience of an archetype in action.  Yet it was also larger…

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How does mythology function in your life?

Thing on Thursday #4 At the top of our values poll results was relationship with mythology.  This week, let’s dig into that idea. We are not talking about simple falsehoods here, such as the “myth” that money brings happiness.  We’re…

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