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[Dead Ideas] “Space Exploration in 1920: In Honor of the Falcon Heavy Launch”, by B. T. Newberg

In honor of the Falcon Heavy Launch by SpaceX, we’re reading a space exploration article from 1920. What was it like to imagine reaching space at such an early date? Let’s find out together in this episode of Public Domain Theater 3000.

Be sure to support the show at to get your portrait drawn!

Music and graphic design by Rachel Westhoff. Maps, pics, references and more at

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Another Opportunity to bring Joy to Kids, with “Stardust Explores the Solar System”!

Now we have another opportunity.  The success of “My Name is Stardust”, including radio shows and worldwide recognition has led to a second edition, “Stardust Explores the Solar System”, which has a kickstarter campaign being launched today! 

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The Winter Cross-Quarter (Winter Thermstice) Approaches!

Balanced Pagaian Lammas & Imbolc Altars by Glenys Livingstone In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter cross-quarter (Summer Thermstice) is traditionally celebrated on February 2 as Imbolc.  It is near the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring equinox, which this year…

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[Dead Ideas] “Self-mummification I: Buddhist Mummies of Japan”, by B. T. Newberg

That’s right: *self*-mummification, mummifying yourself through a special 3000-day diet and regimen of spiritual exercises which will lead to your death but, if you do it correctly, will mummify your body and make you a sokushinbutsu or “Buddha in the Flesh.” I witnessed many of these mummies personally while living in Japan. This is their story.

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What Does “Naturalism” Mean to You?

With the new year, we are starting a new series called, “What Naturalism Means to Me”. It is an opportunity for our readers, like you, to share what Naturalism means for you.

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