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[Pagan in Place] “It’s Not Lammas: Hearthfire in the Texas Hill Country”, by Anna Walther

okra bloom

As Pagans we seek to consciously align our lived experience with seasonal cycles, but those of us who live in a humid subtropical climate don’t have to pretend it’s Lammas right now. Here in Central Texas, when I come home in late summer to my own inner fire, I come home to the World. What are your body, the land where you are, and your communities calling you to do at this turn of the Wheel?

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Happy Summer Thermstice/Lammas!

By Druidstone.

Heat! Summer! Productivity! These and many other themes join with the baking of bread and early harvest celebrations.

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The Summer Cross-Quarter (Summer Thermstice) Approaches!


The Autumn cross-quarter or “Summer Thermstice” is celebrated on August 1 as Lughnasadh/Lammas/Lunasa. This is the hottest time of the year in many places in the Northern Hemisphere. Lammas thus celebrates the heat of the summer, and with it, productivity, vacations, and the early harvest – as well as the returning darkness. Its opposite, Imbolc, is celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Happy Summer Solstice!

stonehenge summer solstice (2)

In whatever way you are celebrating, Happy Summer Solstice!

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The Summer Solstice is just two weeks away!


The Summer Solstice approaches! Ready?

The Summer Solstice is known in Contemporary Neo-Paganism as Litha or Midsummer. Neo-Pagan mythology often marks this as the moment the sun god meets his death, though sometimes that event is reserved for the cross-quarter in August or the autumnal equinox in September. A bunch of ritual and celebrations ideas can be found here……

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