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Inoculative Libations to the Land By Rua Lupa

lib RL

Whatever comes from Nature is of Nature, no matter its form or its location. Nothing is separate from Nature. The ritual here helps to ensure that our connections within Nature are harmonious and encourage life, instead of ignoring the workings of Nature and inadvertently cause disharmony.

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The Naturalistic Pagan Toolbox: Beyond the Wheel of the Year


In this column, I want to share ideas for religious technologies which we might use or adapt to deepen our Naturalistic Pagan practices. I will be sharing the ideas and experiences of others, as well as some of my own, and I welcome you to send me your ideas for sharing in future posts. If you have discovered a ritual technique which works for you that you would like to add to the Naturalistic Pagan Toolbox, send me an email.

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[Rotting Silver] “Wine for Dionysos” by B. T. Newberg

Anthesteria 2008 altar, wine-spattered - color adjusted

As icelets beat my ears and prick my cheeks, The candle fire of Hestia bobs within a glass cup, laying its yellow hands on the offering of wine for Dionysos: three dark bottles in the snow.   With a palm-full…

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“I Don’t Believe in Purification” by Shauna Aura Knight


If there is one thing about my own spiritual calling that is the most inspiring to me, it’s that moment when someone goes deep and awakens. When we are singing together in a ritual and I see them crack open, I see them connect to that something larger, touch their fingertips to that mystery they are seeking.

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“Gathering Around the Well: Ideas for Deepening Humanistic Pagan Community in 2015” by Anna Walther


I think conditions are favorable not only to maintain the well, but also to deepen it, by beginning to do ritual together. Our community meets primarily online, and geography separates us, so in-person, face-to-face meetings pose a challenge, but applications such as Skype and Google Hangouts make group calls relatively easy. What about regular group meditations, perhaps on each of the solar festivals of the Wheel of the Year?

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