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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] My Fifth Decade, by Bart Everson


The task of looking back on my life has not always been easy. Pain seems to be a necessary component of all good stories. If I have emphasized the painful aspects of my life overmuch, it’s in the effort to tell a good story. However, the last ten years have been more about recovery than pain for me. Perhaps that makes for a less interesting story, but I’ll take it.

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Starstuff, Contemplating: The Darkest Day, 20 Years Later


I had no way of knowing that I would remember the next moment for my entire life.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Naturalistic Pagans


Just in time for Winter Solstice/Yule, here are some gift ideas to give or ask for! Of the items here, many will help your spiritual practice, enriching your day to day life. Others will help you be understood by loved ones, or help you open a child’s eyes to our glorious Universe. I’ve listed items for adults, then books/DVDs for adults, followed by the same two categories for parents/kids.

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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] The Worst Animals in the World, by Bart Everson


Which leads me to something else my daughter said, just the other day, which I found even more disturbing. She and a friend altered the lyrics of some song at school to include the following zinger:

“We are the worst animals in the world.”

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We care about the world.


Together, our naturalism and our Paganism mean that if we are honest about our spirituality, we will do what we can to influence politics. After all, the decisions made by politicians – especially by politicians who lead the United States government, are some of the strongest human forces on the planet affecting everything from education to the environment.

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