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PantheaCon Raises Questions About the Future of Non-Theistic Paganism


I am left wondering about what the future holds for the non-theist Pagan community. We began to coalesce under the pressure of extinction from an external force: evangelical polytheism. But now that open hostilities have ceased, will the non-theistic Pagan community thrive in this newly accommodating environment?

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[Dead Ideas] “Geis VII Finale: Quentin Tarantino’s The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel”, by B. T. Newberg


This one has it all: romance, plunder, mimes – and it all ends in a bloodbath! This story is without doubt the Pulp Fiction of medieval Irish literature, so here it is: The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel, told in the style of Quentin Tarantino! With a soundtrack by Brooklyn band Twin Guns!

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Dear Pagans: Can We Be As Picky About Science As We Are About History? by Lupa


I can’t say where this process of questioning will take you, whether you’ll let go of your beliefs, or recategorize their place in your life, or just cling to them more tightly. Every person’s path winds in its own direction. But just as we have questioned our historical inaccuracies and come out the better for it, I think that as individuals and as a community we can benefit from really questioning scientific inaccuracies in the same way. Won’t you join me in this effort?

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[Dead Ideas] “A Valentine to Poe, and Other Traditions of Olde”, by B. T. Newberg


What Valentine did Edgar Allen Poe receive from his lover one fateful year? You’ll find this along with many interesting old Valentines Day traditions in this special holiday episode. If you ever want to divine your lover’s identity, this episode will teach you plenty of ways. Enjoy!

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Happy Darwin Day!


Happy Darwin Day! This commemorates the birthday of the one who contributed the theory of natural selection to our understanding of evolution, Charles Darwin.

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