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“The Parable of an Atheist at a Temple” by Trent Fowler

This essay was originally published at Trent Fowler’s blog, Rulers To The Sky and at RoguePriest. Meditating with the Buddha As I sit writing this I have just finished a three day retreat at a Buddhist monastery nested in the mountains…

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What Atheists Believe Too, by Trent Fowler

Atheism requires you to have reasons for what you believe but does not require you to throw away everything that usually falls within the purview of religion. Atheists can be spiritual, mystics, or even religious.

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Neural love story, by Trent Fowler

This encounter began as he lay tracing invisible shapes on her skin. Triangles in the palm of her hand, circles from her clavicle to her belly button. She accepted the attention of his wandering hands and eyes rather passively at…

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The price paid in heartaches, by Trent Fowler

This week is a first for HP: naturalistic poetry.  Art and science meld in Trent’s fresh and original style. The Price Paid in Heartaches Days like today always made her feel like the atoms in her body were drifting apart….

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