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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “Awakening to Gaia” by Bart Everson

To awaken to Gaia is to recognize our interconnectedness, our radical interdependence, our participation in the web of life. To awaken to Gaia is to recognize other animals and plants as our distant cousins, to recognize that our kinship extends even to rocks, to the sea, to the atmosphere. To awaken to Gaia is to recognize these realities, to become more fully alive, alert, aware, involved, and mindful. To awaken to Gaia is to wake up from the zombiefied slumber of American-style consumerism, to come alive to what it means to be a social primate in the 21st century. Awakening to Gaia means awakening to oneself, to one’s own potential, to one’s own responsibilities.

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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “After the Ritual” by Bart Everson

This is a follow-up piece to last month’s essay, “Preparing A Ritual”. Before Something always seems to die around Lammas. Last year it was our pet fish, Inky. The year before it was a raccoon under the house. This year…

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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “Preparing a Ritual” by Bart Everson

A ritual should have an overall purpose, and everything should contribute to that, similar to what Edgar Alan Poe termed the “unity of effect” in a short story. The purpose of this ritual is, of course, to celebrate Lammas. What does Lammas mean? Or, more properly, what meaning shall we make of it?

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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “Honoring the Past, Living in the Present, Shaping the Future” by Bart Everson

To dismiss Earth-based religious perspectives, as too backward-looking, too regressive, or too fixated on the past, is to deny one of our best avenues for true progress. But if we cling to our modern modes of existence, we guarantee a bleak future for succeeding generations.

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[A Pedagogy of Gaia] “Of Fathers and Daughters and Numbers and Stars” by Bart Everson

As a committed feminist and as a father of a young girl, I see Hypatia as an inspiring figure, a role model of sorts. True, we’ve come a long way since 5th century. And yet I’m aware that gender equity is hardly a done deal. The gains of recent history, such as they are, might be easily undone without continued vigilance, and moreover there are still plenty of serious challenges that must be confronted.

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