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What does meditation mean to you?

Thing on Thursday #10 We’re down to our last three weeks in the Thing on Thursday series. Last time, one of the most popular projects voted for was developing meditations and rituals.  But those words mean different things to different…

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What should our next projects be?

Thing on Thursday #9 Recently, we identified our top goals: help naturalists reflect on their beliefs and practices, connect naturalists to each other, and develop and debate a new way of being-in-the-world Then we identified our best allies to help…

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Who are our allies?

Thing on Thursday #8 Last time we identified our goals, now who can help us attain them?  All good movements work in concert with others, mutually enriching each other.  What other movements might be closely aligned enough to make exceptional…

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What are our goals?

Thing on Thursday #7 The topic this week is goals for the website.  I’ve long wanted to craft a mission statement, something that sums up our aspirations and sense of direction. I do not mean a mission for the HP…

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What is spiritual experience like for you?

Thing on Thursday #6 This week we come to the spiritual experience itself. “Spiritual” may not even be the best word for it necessarily, but it is that unique experience or range of experiences encountered in moments of transcendence or…

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