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Happy Darwin Day!


Happy Darwin Day! This commemorates the birthday of the one who contributed the theory of natural selection to our understanding of evolution, Charles Darwin.

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DNA Testing: Making Ancestor Worship a Science! by Renee Lehnen


When people learn about their DNA, they strengthen their ties to our great big 7 billion member human family. Each and every one of us is the child of sturdy people who survived plagues, war, bad hair days, and myriad calamities. Our ancestors, royal and pauper, had a 100 per cent success rate in the game of life. We face the future with our illustrious, amazing, inherited DNA.

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Samhain (The Fall Equitherm) is just two weeks away!


Got your house decorated yet? Samhain (the Fall Equitherm) is nearly here! For many of us (including me), this is one of the most sacred times of the year – a time when I feel my Ancestors even more closely than usual.

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My Favorite Ritual Tool, by Mark Green [an Atheopagan Life]


It’s common for humans to have things with symbolic meaning…what we often call “sentimental value”. Atheopagans are just more deliberate about it, and conscious of how to use these associations for our psychological benefit.

What are your favorite ritual tools?

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Sacred Springs, Part 1 by Anna Walther

Barton Springs Pool, August 2015

Last summer I swam in Barton Springs, a spring-fed pool in the heart of downtown Austin. Native Americans have a vital, ritualistic relationship with the spring waters. The precise role the springs held in pre-Columbian indigenous spirituality is lost to time and conquest. I can take inspiration and guidance from Native American ways of relating to the Land, but must make my own practices and prayers.

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