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A Naturalistic Pagan’s Case for MAID and the Humane Treatment of the Old Human Animal, by Renee Lehnen

On March 27, George and Shirley Brickenden died holding hands in bed after dining on lobster, salmon, and champagne. George, 95, and Shirley, 94, married since the final year of the Second World War, “flew away” (their words) to the strains of Mozart, Bach, and Scottish folk tunes. Surrounding their bed were the Brickenden’s four adult children, the Dean of Toronto’s St. James Anglican Cathedral, and two physicians. George’s last words to his family were, “I love you all.” The Brickendens were very old, very frail, and very happy to end their lives with the help of their doctors, following a lengthy approval process for medical assistance in dying (MAID), under the provision of Canadian law.
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The Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse Arrives! Here are some Ritual ideas. [Stardust, Contemplating]

Even though it will be more than 220,000 miles away, the stunning spectacle of the Super Blood Wolf Moon will soon capture the gaze of many millions of people.  What do you have planned for this magical time?
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The Winter Cross-Quarter (Winter Thermstice) Approaches!


In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter cross-quarter (Summer Thermstice) is traditionally celebrated on February 2 as Imbolc.  It is near the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring equinox, which this year happens on February 3rd.  It is one of eight stations in our planet’s annual journey around the sun.  For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the claws of winter are harsh at this time, even though sunlight has already started returning.  It takes a while for the climate to warm in response to the longer day, so the earth remains cold.  While the Winter Solstice is the time of longest darkness, the Winter Cross-Quarter is (on average) the time of greatest cold.  Yet, like a secret promise, the sun is returning. Read More

Paganism Hasn’t Returned (Yet)

Last month, an opinion piece appeared in the New York Times entitled, “The Return of Paganism”Read More

Bearing Witness to Social Injustice as A Spiritual Practice: Moving from Pain to Taking Compassionate Action, (Part 2 of 3) by Wayne Martin Mellinger, Ph.D. [The Dionysian Naturalist]

  …. continued from Part 1.

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