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Another Great Book Review of Godless Paganism!

Godless Paganism gets a review over at Pagan Book Reviews!

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Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Spring Equinox, or Ostara!  Of course, our spherical planet also gives us the beautiful symmetry of the  Fall Equinox (& Mabon) being celebrated now by our Southern Hemisphere friends.  The moment of the Equinox is at 5:58 pm (EDT), Wednesday, March 20th.  Life returns!

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[Dead Ideas] “Steampunk Rome”, by B. T. Newberg

For our final series, we’re doing the steam technology of the ancient world that died and had to be resurrected in 18th-century Europe. How close was Rome to being able to construct a working steam locomotive? That may sound silly, but you won’t think so after this episode!

What’s more, we’ve got a whole series coming out on this surprising topic. Here’s what in store:

Be sure to support the show at to get your portrait drawn!

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The Spring Equinox Approaches…


Though still in the depths of winter here in Michigan, the longer days are already noticeable.  Because the daylight cycle leads our seasons, the days are already as long as they were in early October – though of course still much colder.  For me, this growing daylight (reinforced by the start of Daylight Savings Time) is a reminder from our Earth itself, one of those many helpful features of our seasons, to begin thinking about, and planning for, the Spring Equinox/Ostara.  Another reminder – one that is rather bizarre – is the appearance of a “warm-blooded” plant that smells like a zombie! Read More

“Ritual Technologies, Part 2” by Mark Green (Naturalistic Pagan Toolbox)

Note: This essay was originally published in multiple posts at Atheopaganism and is copyrighted. It has been published here with the explicit permission of the author.

The Naturalistic Pagan Toolbox is for sharing religious technologies drawn from diverse sources in order to deepen our Naturalistic Pagan practice. If you have discovered a spiritual technique which works for you that you would like to add to the Naturalistic Pagan Toolbox, click here to send me an email.

Continued from Part 1

Ritual Technology #4: Rhthym

The first musical instrument was almost certainly something resonant being struck: a hollow log, a dried gourd. In fact, percussive rhythm may predate humans as a species: monkeys have been observed beating on hollow logs in a call-and-response with other monkeys. Certainly the noises made while pounding seeds and roots into meal would naturally have become a source of play, even for pre-humans. Read More

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