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7 Minutes of Terror, November 26th, 2018! [Starstuff, Contemplating]

Here it comes!  Seven minutes of terror, with survival hanging in the balance!  It’s real, and you can live it yourself!
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Holiday Gift Ideas for Naturalistic Pagans, 2018

Just in time for Winter Solstice/Yule, here are some gift ideas to give or ask for!  Of the items here, many will help your spiritual practice, enriching your daily life.  Others will help you be understood by loved ones, or help you open a child’s eyes to our glorious Universe.  I’ve listed items for adults, then books/DVDs for adults, followed by the same two categories for parents/kids. Read More

So I’m a Witch Again………. by Natalie Kirk

Well, here I go again.

I used to be a pagan, back in my teens up until I was about 22. I was a true believer. I fully believed in gods and goddesses, and that I could summon magic to create change in the universe. Read More

[Dead Ideas] “Court Eunuchs”, by B. T. Newberg

Did you know that Byzantine culture recognized three genders? We talk about that and more in our new series on court eunuchs. Follow the spectacular rise and fall of these beardless Byzantines.

Here’s what in store:

  • Court Eunuchs I: Third Gender of Byzantium
  • Court Eunuchs II: Call of Duty: Narses in the Nika Riots and Beyond
  • Court Eunuchs III: When in Rome: Narses and the Reconquest of Italy
  • Court Eunuchs IV: The Varangian Guard – An Interview with Robin Pierson
  • Court Eunuchs V: Sex in the City: Stories from Byzantium

Be sure to support the show at to get your portrait drawn!

Music and graphic design by Rachel Westhoff. Maps, pics, references and more at

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Blasphemy Victory! Now, go Vote! by Starstuff, Contemplating

Victory!  The people of Ireland legalize honesty in an historic vote, amending their constitution to legalize blasphemy.  Votes matter.  If you are an American, your vote matters too.  Please vote Tuesday, November 6th. 

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