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Journey into Dreamtime by Munya Andrews, reviewed by Glenys Livingstone, Ph. D.

Although the term “Dreamtime” is often not considered an adequate translation of the cosmology, religion or spirituality of Indigenous Australians, Munya Andrews of the Bardi people from the Kimberley region of Western Australia, acknowledges this and chooses to name her recently published book with it, explaining that: “I love the term … For me, it conjures up a magical and mysterious world.”, and she feels that the term aligns perfectly with the common global religious concept that Diety is beyond words and human understanding. Read More

The Summer Solstice is less than three weeks away!

The Summer Solstice approaches!  Ready?

The Summer Solstice is known in contemporary Neo-Paganism as Litha or Midsummer. Neo-Pagan religion often marks this as the moment the sun god meets his death, though sometimes that event is reserved for the cross-quarter in August or the autumnal equinox in September.    A bunch of ritual and celebrations ideas can be found here, Read More

The Elephant in the Womb: Calling Out Theocracy Where it Breeds, by Heron Michelle

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Seats Still Available for Atheopagan U.!

We now have an opportunity to deepen our spirituality, empower our practices, and learn with knowledgeable peers!   Mark Green if offering an online course on Atheopagan theory and practice.  Seats are filling up fast, but there are still a few spots left!

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Living in a Sacred World, by Mark Green

Nature is magnificent.

Daily, we have sunsets and sunrises, trees and birds and all sorts of magnificent creatures. Frequently, we have new-burgeoning crescent Moons or full Moons or waning, deep-into-the-night Moons, casting their silver magic across the land.

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