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Our Deadly Lack of Nature Literacy, by Lupa

It all started a few weeks ago when birds–particularly crows–started fledging here in Portland. I began getting questions from people about scrawny, sick-looking birds that had others “dive-bombing” them as they sat on the ground. After seeing a few photos, it was pretty clear that people were seeing fledgling crows which, while ungainly-looking and still unsure of that “flying” thing, were in generally good health. The “dive-bombing” was parent crows feeding them, encouraging them, and otherwise staying close by in case danger threatened. Crows, after all, are highly intelligent and social; they understand what’s at stake during this vulnerable part of a young bird’s life.

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Goddess Pilgrimage to Crete, by Glenys Livingstone, Ph.D.

“The tour changed my life, I am no longer asking who I am, I know…”  Alana Roman, USA
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Happy Summer Thermstice/Lammas!


Heat! Productivity! Success! Growing Darkness!  These and many other themes join with the baking of bread and early harvest celebrations of Lunasa.  What better time to remember the success of the Apollo program, landing a human on the moon 50 years ago!  With Apollo’s sister, Artemis, now stepping in, hopefully humans will be on the moon again soon.

As a special Lunasa treat, check out this Lammas music from Bart Everson.  It could be part of a ritual, solitary observation, or just having around now.

Some of the ways many of us are celebrating were  precently published.   For my family, celebrations with our annual blueberry harvest and evening ritual will be this Sunday.  For some of us, the celebrations will be later this week – the actual midpoint between the Solstice and the Equinox is August 7th.  However you are celebrating (including Imbolc celebrations in the Southern Hemisphere), may your be celebration be blessed.

The Summer Cross-Quarter (Summer Thermstice) Approaches!

Wow!  Just a few days ago, we celebrated one of humanity’s most stunning accomplishments – landing live humans on the Moon (and bringing them back safety).  Though Earth’s seasons aren’t felt on the Moon, the Moon landing and Lunasa are now linked for me.  In the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumn cross-quarter or “Summer Thermstice” is celebrated on August 1 as Lughnasadh/Lammas/Lunasa. How will you be celebrating it?  Astronomically, the event occurs on August 7th this year.    Read More

50 Years ago today we Walked on the Moon! Happy Moon Landing Day! [Stardust, Contemplating]

Happy Moon Landing Day!!  Many of the incredible aspects of this historic event can be found in the earlier Moon Landing post, including ritual and celebration ideas for today’s 50 year anniversary.
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