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Citizen’s Climate Lobby launches Earth-based Spirituality Action Team – Interview with Bart Everson

HP: What is this Earth-based Spirituality Action Team? What are the goals of the group, and who’s eligible for membership?
BE: We’re just getting started, so I’ll use future tense. The team is being organized under the auspices of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. It’s for people who want to do something about the climate crisis. It’s open to anyone, anywhere, who understands or experiences the Earth as sacred.

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The Fall Equinox Approaches!

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Fall Equinox is celebrated in less than two weeks (it is September 22nd this year in the Eastern Pacific, but on the 23rd in Europe and most of the United States) as Mabon, also called Harvest Home.  (Those in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate the Spring Equinox, Ostara, at this time.)

Growing Darkness…….

Mike Nichols writes of the day: “Mythically, this is the day of the year when the God of Light is defeated by his twin and alter ego, the God of Darkness. It is the time of the year when night conquers day.” The metaphor for the natural solar cycle is perfectly clear, and easily appreciable by naturalists.  Likewise with the agricultural myth of John Barleycorn, personification of the ripened grain: Read More

Atheopagan Practice and Mental Illness, by Mark Green

It is said that about 13% of people worldwide suffer some kind of mental illness and/or substance abuse issue. That figure goes as high as 18% in some countries; poorer countries tend to have lower reporting, so these figures are skewed to the low end.

That’s 970 million people.

I am one of them.

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Our Lungs Burn & Our Grandkids are Attacked. [Stardust, Contemplating]

What a huge contradiction we humans can be.  We stand here at a time when we have incredible power for good and bad.  This has been shown in stark contrast this summer.
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“Life is….”, by Brock Haussamen

Is life fragile? Or is it tough, persistent?  And in such phrases, what do we mean by the word life ?

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