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Time + Tenacity = Hope, by Mark Green

Story time! Time to visit my Really Not Finest Hour.

There’s going to be a lunar eclipse on Saturday, July 4.

As many of us know, the Moon’s phases run in roughly 19 year cycles. What that means is that 19 years ago, a full Moon with a lunar eclipse fell on the 4th of July.

And 19 years before that, there was another: July 4, 1982. That 4th of July is a date I remember vividly.

I saw the bloody Moon that night from the walled outdoor enclosure of a mental hospital called Oakcrest.

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Episodes 11, 12, and 13 of THE WONDER podcast – Altars & Building Community, by Mark Green

Episodes 7 & 8 of THE WONDER podcast are up!!

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Tripping With the Gods – On Entheogenic Spirituality:, (Part 2 of 5) by Wayne Martin Mellinger, Ph.D. [The Dionysian Naturalist]


The use of substances to alter consciousness seems to be innate. UCLA Professor Ronald Siegel (2005) calls it the “fourth universal drive”, as natural as hunger, thirst and sex.  Many other animal species also pursue intoxication, including elephants, cats, monkeys, jaguars and bees.  No amount of prohibitionist indoctrination has yet been able to uproot these primal instincts.  Drug war ideologies are forced upon all school children who learn to recite in unison “Just say no!”.  Instead we must learn to accept human nature for what it is, letting go of our Enlightenment fantasies of the rational human.

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Get ready for a wonderful gift from our Universe!  Our Sun, Moon and Earth join in the Solstice celebrations this year with a solar eclipse!  Though many of us won’t be able to see it in the sky (it’s directly visible mainly in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa), we can see it online.  This is a “ring of fire” eclipse – annular, not Total.  The eclipse can be watched online, starting at 11:45 pm EDT (Sunday, June 21, so that’s Saturday night), here ! -though the eclipse won’t really show until later, like 1 am.  Remember that the Stonehenge Summer Solstice Sunrise is near the same time, at 11:52 pm – so you can get the magical treat of seeing them both in close succession! Here is the link to the Stonehenge Summer Solstice, online. Remember the time zone difference – the Summer Solstice Sunrise at 3:52 AM GMT, on Sunday June 21 is 11:52 PM *Saturday June 20* for those of us in the Eastern United States time zone.   (Also, it is Winter Solstice/Yule for those in the Southern Hemisphere).  With more are more online experiences available during this (hopefully waning) pandemic, this could be your first online celebration of a Sabbat!

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Episodes 9 & 10 of THE WONDER podcast – Sex!

Episodes 9 & 10 of THE WONDER podcast are up!!

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