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Holiday Gift Ideas for Naturalistic Pagans, 2019

Like so many of us, our family is planning the gifts for Winter Solstice/the holidays.  Those of us who celebrate the Winter Solstice have an even shorter time than most Americans for holiday planning and shopping, so I wanted to our annual Naturalistic Pagan Winter Solstice gift idea post out now.  Here are some gift ideas to give or ask for!  Of the items here, many will help your spiritual practice, enriching your daily life.  Others will help you be understood by loved ones, or help you open a child’s eyes to our glorious Universe.  Read More

Reclaiming the Cosmic in Holiday Rituals Webinar This Thursday (November 14th)!

“Reframing our holidays and rituals within the cosmic story,” says Carol Kilby, “is vital if we are to address issues such global warming and the spiritual crisis of our times. Rituals create cultures and then preserve them. At this time, it’s crucial that we develop evolutionary rituals that build ecologically conscious, environmentally responsible, and spiritually ethical communities.”  Join Carol in a conversation with host Jennifer Morgan about how we can celebrate our religious and cultural holidays in the context of the Universe Story.

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The Last Mercury Transit until 2032 just started! Cloudy? You can see it happening online! [Stardust, Contemplating]

It’s common for us Pagans to be among those most aware of what the planet Mercury is doing, and while going retrograde happens every few months (~3 times a year) a Mercury transit (when Mercury “eclipses”* the Sun) is much, much more rare.  Mercury is now blocking some tiny bit of the Sun’s light, which won’t happen again until 2032.
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The History of Sex: A new podcast by B. T. Newberg

What was it like to be a cunning woman during the witch trials of Renaissance Europe? Or a eunuch priest of Cybele in ancient Rome? Or a cross-dressing shaman in Siberia when Europeans first came knocking?

That’s the kind of thing we’ll be exploring in the new podcast The History of Sex.

Sex and gender issues lie at the core of the Neopagan movement, not to mention the pre-Christian Pagan religions that have inspired it. Anyone interested in these basic questions will find something rewarding to discover in this show.

For example, did you know the Nazis encouraged young women to bear a child out of wedlock for the Fatherland? Or that pre-contact Hawaii had no such thing as marriage? Or that ancient Romans had no concept of orientation, only a vague sense of “preference” for one sex or the other?

To whet your appetite, here are just a few of the episodes already out:

We’ll have much more coming up in the following year, so be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get podcasts. You can also listen at our website:

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Happy Fall Equitherm (Samhain)!

Our Ancestors reach back in an unbroken chain billions of years long, including literally billions of people, trillions of non-human Ancestors, and many more.  Today our Ancestors speak to us, and we speak to them. Read More

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