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It’s Diversity All the Way Down, by Brock Haussamen

“The most impressive aspect of the living world is its diversity. No two individuals in sexually reproducing populations are the same, nor are any two populations, species, or higher taxa [categories of organisms]. Wherever one looks in nature, one finds uniqueness.” So wrote Ernst Mayr in This is Biology, published in 1997.

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The May Cross-Quarter (Vernal Equitherm or Beltane) is just two weeks away!

The Vernal Equitherm (Beltane) is coming!  It is the midpoint between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.  For those in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is well and truly coming and summer is around the corner.  Flora is bursting to life even in the northern climes, and fauna frolicks in the verdure. Those in the Southern Hemisphere experience the opposite, as autumn passes into winter. Read More

Do Trees Have Rights? (the short version), by John Halstead

[Dead Ideas] “Technocracy I: A 1930s Vision of Utopia”, by B. T. Newberg

Our new series is a 1930s vision of techno-topia! It’s not only from the 30s, though – while long past its heyday, a small Technocracy movement still exists today, which only makes this all the more interesting. This movement that proposed all of North America should be one unified country governed by scientists and experts.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Technocracy I: Functional Control Is Imperative
  • Technocracy II: Techno-snark and the Techno-future
  • Technocracy III: Welcome to the Technate – Alternate History
  • Technocracy IV: Technocracy Today – Interview with Justin Lazzara

Check out the entire series at

I also wanted to mention some good news: we have been invited to join a podcast network! This is a big sign that we’re headed in the right direction, and it also gives the show a modest income from ads. If you prefer no ads, head over to to get ad-free episodes and get your portrait drawn too!

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Pagans for Secularism, by Megan Manson

In addition to Paganism and Shinto, a major passion of mine is secularism.

What’s secularism, I hear you ask. Is that the same as Atheism or Humanism? Not at all! Atheism and Humanism are philosophies, which (in most cases) are based on the belief that there are no gods of any sort.

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