Upcoming work


New theme for HP, rough example

HP is getting a new look!  The coming year is planned to be a time of self-critique and renovation for HP, and that new attitude will be complemented by new resources and an all-new aesthetic feel to the site.

The big reveal happens after Imbolc!

This Sunday

Jon Cleland Host

Winterviews:  Jon Cleland Host, creator and moderator of the Naturalistic Paganism yahoo group and frequent contributor at EvolutionaryTimes.org, shares his passion for honoring ancestors.

Ancestors alive: An interview with Jon Cleland Host

Appearing Sunday, January 27th, 2013.

Next Sunday

Adrian Harris

Winterviews:  Winterviews concludes as Dr. Adrian Harris, author of Wisdom of the Body: Embodied Knowing in Eco-Paganism, delivers a short but sweet picture of our hidden mind.

Your tiny mind, by Adrian Harris

Appearing Sunday, February 3rd, 2013.

Recent Work

Epic of Evolution ritual, by Connie Barlow

True Will: An interview with IAO131

Mimetic deities, by Chet Raymo

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2 Comments on “Upcoming work

  1. Look forward to seeing the new look! Love coming here. The Winterviews series has been (once again) excellent.


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