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There’s a new naturalistic blogger at Pagan Square.  This week, our very own John Halstead joined with his new blog Dreaming the Myth Forward.

Check it out!

This Sunday

Chet Raymo

Winterviews:  Chet Raymo, author of When God Is Gone, Everything Is Holy, meditates on navel-gazing in this article from his Science Musings column.

Mimetic deities, by Chet Raymo

Appearing Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Next Sunday


Winterviews:  IAO131, author of Naturalistic Occultism, attempts to make good on Crowley’s intent of “The methods of science, the aim of religion” by exploring occultism from a naturalistic point of view.

True Will: An interview with IAO131

Appearing Sunday, January 13th, 2013.

Recent Work

Jung today: An interview with John Ryan Haule

Solidarity, not unity: An interview with Jason Pitzl-Waters

The generosity of the sun, with Brian Swimme

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