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Thomas SchenkThis Sunday Thomas Schenk dives into the matter of spirit and the spirit of matter in a reflection entitled “The Mystery of Being.”

Appearing August 7th on Humanistic Paganism.





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Me, Urban, and Drew in front of fire at Ely

B. T. Newberg, Urban Haas, and Drew Jacob

Remember how I said a Celtic polytheist, a Voodoo priest, and a Humanist were heading into the woods?  Well, we’ve got something very special for you planned this week.  Drew Jacob, Urban Haas, and I recorded a fireside chat under the stars in the North Woods.  It’s an interfaith dialogue of sorts on the theme of encounters in nature.  We’re bringing it to you in daily 15-minute segments – the perfect way to start your day!

But for those of you who are truly hardcore, who want it all in one big gulp, don’t worry! – next Sunday we’ll release the full-length, unedited, director’s cut version!  It’ll be complete with transcripts, photos, and more.

Watch for it all this week:

Encounters in nature: An interfaith dialogue in the North Woods.

Recent Work

The indifference of nature, by Rua Lupa

How Persephone killed the gods for me, by B. T. Newberg

Being human when surrounded by Greek gods, by M. J. Lee

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