All dates are for Northern Hemisphere

(Movable dates are marked with *.)


Jan 1  New Year’s Day

Jan 1  Cosmic Calendar: Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago (bya)

* third Monday of January is Martin Luther King Day

Jan 22  Chief Seattle surrenders native land

Jan 27  International Holocaust Remembrance Day


Feb 1/2 Neo-Pagan winter cross-quarter day (Imbolc)

Feb 2  Groundhog’s Day

*Feb 3-4  Winter thermistice/cross-quarter

Feb 12  Darwin Day

Feb 17  Giordano Bruno burned at the stake

Feb 20  World Day of Social Justice

Feb 24  Black Nonbelievers Solidarity Day


Mar 4  Church of All Worlds charted as first Neo-Pagan church in U.S. (1967)

Mar 8  International Women’s Day

* second Sunday of March Daylight Savings Time begins in the U.S.

Mar 14  Einstein’s birthday /  Pi Day

Mar 15  Hypatia Day

Mar 17  St. Patrick’s Day

*Mar 19-20  Spring equinox ( spring begins in U.S.) / Neo-Pagan spring quarter day (Ostara)

Mar 21  International Day of Nowruz

Mar 21  International Day of the Forests

Mar 22  World Water Day


Apr 7  World Health Day

Apr 12  International Day of Human Space Flight

Apr 20  Marcus Aurelius’ birthday

Apr 21  John Muir’s birthday

Apr 22  Earth Day / International Mother Earth Day

Apr 25  Arbor Day


May 1  Neo-Pagan spring cross-quarter day (Beltane)

* first Thursday of May is National Day of Prayer and National Day of Reason

May 2  Pagan Coming Out Day

*May 4-5  Spring equitherm/cross-quarter

May 11  Cosmic Calendar: Milky Way Galaxy Formed 8.8 bya

May 15  Thomas Taylor’s birthday

May 16  Love a Tree Day

May 22  International Day for Biological Diversity

May 24  Vesak, Day of the Full Moon

* last Monday of May is Memorial Day, unofficial start of summer in U.S.


Jun 5  World Environment Day

Jun 8  World Oceans Day

Jun 20  World Refugee Day

Jun 20-21  Summer solstice (summer begins in U.S.) / Neo-Pagan summer quarter day (Litha) and World Humanist Day

Jun 26  Julian, the last pagan emperor’s birthday

Jun 26  Anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court same-sex equal rights cases


Jul 11  World Population Day

Jul 12  Malala Day

Jul 18  Nelson Mandela Day

Jul 20  Anniversary of the Moon Landing


Aug 1  Neo-Pagan summer cross-quarter day (Lughnasadh)

Aug 6  Hiroshima Day

*Aug 6-7 Summer thermistice/cross-quarter

Aug 9  International Indigenous Peoples Day

Aug 19  World Humanitarian Day

Aug 24  Anniversary of Look magazine issue featuring a Neo-Pagan Beltane ritual (1971)

Aug 25  Death of Friedrich Nietzsche


Sept 1  Cosmic Calendar: Sun formed 4.57 bya

* first Monday in September is Labor Day, unofficial end of summer in U.S.

Sept 4  Anniversary of Dettmer v. Landon, Wicca legally recognized as a religion

Sept 6  Neo-Pagan Tim Zell has his Theagenesis vision (1971), predating the popularization of Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis

Sept 9  Emerson publishes his essay “Nature”, unofficial beginning of Transcendentalism

Sept 11  9-11 / Anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks

Sept 13  Defy Superstition Day

Sept 15  International Day of Democracy

Sept 16  Cosmic Calendar: Oldest rocks known on earth date to 4 bya

Sept 21  World Peace Day

Sept 21 Cosmic Calendar: First life emerges (prokaryotes) 3.8 bya

*Sept 22-23  Autumn equinox (fall begins in U.S.) / Neo-Pagan autumn quarter day (Mabon)

Sept 30  Blasphemy Rights Day


Oct 2  Gandhi’s birthday and International Day of Non-Violence

* first Monday in October is World Habitat Day

Oct 12  Cosmic Calendar: First photosynthesis occurs 3 bya

Oct 16  World Food Day

Oct 17  International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Oct 29  Cosmic Calendar: Oxygenation of atmosphere occurs 2.4 bya

Oct 31/Nov 1  Neo-Pagan autumn cross-quarter day (Samhain) / Halloween

Oct 31  Anniversary of the publication of The Spiral Dance and Drawing Down the Moon


* first Sunday in November Daylight Savings Time ends in U.S.

*Nov 6-7  Autumn equitherm/cross-quarter

Nov 8  Cosmic Calendar: First complex cells (eukaryotes) emerge 2 bya

Nov 9  Carl Sagan’s birthday

Nov 16  International Day of Tolerance

* third Thursday in November is World Philosophy Day

Nov 24  Spinoza’s birthday

Nov 25  International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Nov 30  John Toland’s birthday


Dec 3  International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Dec 5  Cosmic Calendar: First multicellular life 1 bya

Dec 7  Apollo 17 crew photographs “The Blue Marble” photo

Dec 10  International Human Rights Day

Dec 14  Cosmic Calendar: Simple animals emerge 0.67 bya

Dec 14  Cosmic Calendar: Arthropods emerge 0.55 bya

Dec 18  Cosmic Calendar: Fish and proto-amphibians emerge 0.5 bya

Dec 20  Cosmic Calendar: Land plants emerge 0.45 bya

*Dec 21-22  Winter solstice (winter begins in U.S.) / Neo-Pagan winter quarter day (Yule)

Dec 21  Cosmic Calendar: Insects and seeds emerge 0.4 bya

Dec 22  Cosmic Calendar: Amphibians emerge 0.36 bya

Dec 23  Cosmic Calendar: Reptiles and dinosaurs emerge 0.3 bya

Dec 24  Apollo 8 crew photograph’s “Earthrise” photo

Dec 25  Newton’s birthday

Dec 26  Cosmic Calendar: Mammals emerge 0.2 bya

Dec 27  Cosmic Calendar: Birds emerge 0.15 bya

Dec 27  Anniversary of the voyage of the Beagle

Dec 28  Cosmic Calendar: Flowers emerge 0.13 bya

Dec 30  Cosmic Calendar: Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event (non-avian dinosaurs die out) 65 mya

Dec 30  Cosmic Calendar: Primates emerge 65 mya

Dec 31  Cosmic Calendar: Hominids emerge 15 mya


The Cosmic Calendar presented above, which maps the history of the universe onto a single year, comes from Carl Sagan’s The Dragons of Eden. An alternative is the Earth Story Calendar, which presents an unfolding which is similar, but spaced out a bit more evenly.

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