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Music for the Wheel of the Year


Our own Bart Everson has put together eight music playlists for you enjoy for each station on the Wheel of the Year. Enjoy!

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The Dilemma of Thanksgiving Grace for Religious Naturalists


Ah, those warm, comforting memories of Thanksgivings spent with family. … Or, are they sometimes not so blissful? Like when the family meal starts with a request that we all pray about Jesus’ blood? If that sounds familiar, you may enjoy this short video by John Cleland Host. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Call for Articles: Ancient Paganism and the Neo-Pagan Revival

Ukrainian young women dressed in traditional clothing jump over a fire at a traditional Midsummer Night celebration near the capital Kiev late Monday July 6, 2009. The age-old pagan festival is still celebrated in Ukraine and many people believe that jumping over the fire will cleanse them of evil spirits. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

Our themes for the month of June will be ancient Paganism and the Neo-Pagan revival.

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Putting things in perspective


The following is excerpted from “40 maps that explain outer space” by Joseph Stromberg. What it’d look like if other planets replaced the moon “Another way to understand how big the gas giants are is to picture what they’d look like…

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“Let The Sun Shine in at Christmas” by Gary Suttle


Pantheists celebrate the winter solstice. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Sun of Life and the Son of God. What is the true significance of Christmas, and how can we celebrate this joyful season in keeping with its meaning?

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