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Winter Cross-Quarter


Today (Feb. 4) is the Winter Cross-Quarter in the Northern Hemisphere, the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring equinox.

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Cosmic Calendar Countdown


Carl Sagan’s Cosmic Calendar maps the entire history of our cosmos onto a single year. After the Big Bang on January 1, we have to wait until May for the Milky Way to form and September for our own sun to form. But things get really busy in December.

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Winter Solstice


The winter solstice happens in nature around us. But it also happens inside of us, in our souls, at any time of the year. Sometimes we go to the dark place of our soul, where we can find safety and comfort. In the the dark place in our soul we can find rest and rejuvenation. In the dark place of our soul we can find balance. And when we have rested, and been comforted, and restored, we can return from the dark place in our soul to the world of light and new possibilities.

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“Looking for a ‘New’ Christmas Ritual? Try Something Old.” by Debra Macleod


Everything old tends to become new again. That, combined with the freedom of religion we enjoy in our society, may be the reason that many people are re-igniting ancient traditions that are remarkably in-tune with modern values, and which bring new meaning for them to the holidays.

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“A Pagan Response to the ‘War on Christmas'” by Debra Macleod


This holiday — whatever you choose to call it and whatever it means to you — doesn’t belong to any “one” faith or world view. And that diversity adds richness and relevance. Such belief is important to contemporary paganism and a peaceful multicultural world.

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