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“Let The Sun Shine in at Christmas” by Gary Suttle


Pantheists celebrate the winter solstice. Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Sun of Life and the Son of God. What is the true significance of Christmas, and how can we celebrate this joyful season in keeping with its meaning?

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“Winter Solstice: Axial Tilt is the Reason for the Season” by Heather (& Jon) Cleland-Host


We have been able to watch the Solstice Sunrise every year since we met. Usually we watch it over a lake. Occasionally we have watched it over a field. One year we watched it from a hospital window because I was in preterm labor with my second child. Another year, it was too snowy to go anywhere, so we went to the nearby sledhill and at the exact moment of the Sunrise, we all launched ourselves down the hill, even Mommy, who does NOT sled. We had the whole hill to ourselves that morning and it was probably one of the most memorable Sunrises, whooshing down that hill.

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Winter Solstice


For Neo-Pagans in the Northern Hemisphere, the solstice is celebrated as Yule. This year, the date falls on December 21st. The precise date and time for the cross-quarter can be found at At the Winter Solstice, NaturalPantheist of the Nature is…

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[Starstuff, Contemplating] “Celebrating Meaning in our Lives through Family Holidays” by Heather and Jon Cleland Host


Instead of swearing off all holidays, we committed to celebrating only holidays that were meaningful and real. The eclipse of the Sun is a moment when we small humans become conscious of where we are in our solar system relative to the Moon and the Sun. It is worthy of celebrating. It is something that re-occurs though not always on the same time of the year, nor every year. We wanted something that communicated the cycles of the Universe, of our solar system, and especially our planet Earth. Most of all, we wanted something that connected us to our Ancestors and our humanity.

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What to get a Humanistic Pagan for … Christmas?

As Naturalists and as Pagans, we have twice the reason not to celebrate Christmas.  But let’s face it.  A lot of us Humanistic Pagans do celebrate Christmas in one form or another — either as a secular gift-exchange or with…

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