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The Wheel of Evolution, by Eric Steinhart: Ostara


Ostara represents the triumph of the light. It signifies the emergence of a novel type of illumination, a new concentration of holy fire. For Pagan Naturalists, this new type of illumination is life.

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Spring Equinox


Today is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hempisphere, the day when the days are the same length as the nights.  From this day on, until the fall equinox, the days will be longer than the nights.  This is the bright…

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“Five Ways to Play on Spring Equinox” by Anna Walther


What’s blooming where you live? How do you celebrate both the balance and the ebullience of Spring?

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Vernal Equinox Music Mix by Bart Everson


Our own Bart Everson has put together a great playlist of equinox-themed music. Enjoy!

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[Starstuff, Contemplating] “New Life on the Spring Equinox (Ostara)!” by Heather (and Jon) Cleland-Host


We grasp these first signs of Spring with excitement and joy, but it does not compare to the joy of our Ancestors. The return of Spring was the end of the death in winter, the return of life. It was hope. The signs of the return of Spring and the fertility of the Earth were of great importance. It is why they persist to the modern day:

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