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Call for Articles: April’s Theme is “Nature”


Our theme for the month of April is “Nature”.

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Call for Essays: March’s theme at HP is Cosmos!


Albert Einsten was born this month, on March 14, 1879. The day is also celebrated as “Pi Day” (i.e., the date 3/14 = the numerical constant 3.14…)  This year is the Pi Day of the century … 3/14/15 = 3.1514….

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“Humanistic Pagans at Pantheacon” by John Halstead

video capture2

This year’s Pantheacon included “the Atheopagan ‘coming out party’ to the broader Pagan community”.

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“Are Humanistic Pagans building a temple in Iceland?” by John Halstead


We Humanistic Pagans may have kin in Iceland.

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We’re off to Pantheacon!


Don’t miss out on Pantheacon, the largest indoor Pagan conference in the U.S.

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